Monday, March 01, 2010

March 1st

The March 1st picture on my calendar is a garden full of flowers. Only twenty days until the first day of spring! We've had a very little amount of snow this winter with most of it arriving last week so winter will be over before we know it. I tried to get this post done yesterday but I'm still getting to know blogger and was interrupted by a little hockey game that was on TV. Great game Teams USA & Canada!

Sunday around here always means bread day. I do the prep work the evening before so it's a quick mix together, knead done by DH and in the oven to rise in the morning. DH and I work as a well oiled machine since we've been doing this for about twenty years. We always make five loaves as that's how many fit in the oven to rise and then bake at the same time. Five loaves last the week keeping the lunch bucket filled and enough for buttery toast every morning.

A while back a purchased a number of clearance kits from Connecting Threads. The price is right and regardless of if I use their patterns or not it's a nice bundle of co-ordinated fabrics to have on hand. I just finished the above runner for a birthday gift with lots of fabric leftover.

"Oh oh, What is she up to now Marcie?"

"I don't know Jake. What's a blog?"

Jake, Marcie and I wish you a creative start to March.



The Quilt Buddy said...

Welcome to Blogland!

Kaaren said...

Dear Jake and Marcie,

You'll be seeing less of you Mom now that she has a blog...but she'll be more productive too. Sometimes my Mom feels guilty and she gives me more treats. If we lived closer, I could teach you my "feel sorry for me" face.

Your friend,

Mac the Westie

Terry said...

Nice table runner! That bread looks yummy! Five loaves would never last us a week! LOL

Darlee Byron said...

Welcome, to blogland!! I love your decorated mailbox. The American goldfinch is my favorite bird. I'm visiting from Notjustnat!!

ria vogelzang said...

Welcome to the blogworld, Diane! Your table-runner looks lovely and the loaves yummy!!
Greeting also to Jake and Marcie.... (lovely animals!!)
Greets from the Netherlands. I saw your blog mentioned by Notjustnat!

Cindy said...

Ah, aren't they adorable? Are they always so sweet and quiet?

I have made a few kits from Connecting Threads too. Remember, in March they have great sales on different dates.

I'm just waiting on one...or two...or three..LOL

Jenni said...

Welcome to blogland. Poor Jake and Marcie are destined to be left sleeping on a pile of fabric now, plus your sewing output will decrease. How? Because of all the time spent at the computer and not the sewing machine.

Betweens said...

Welcome Diane (found you through notjustnat) I see that your Blogging house is set up wonderfully and that you are on your way to a wonderful blog. I think I am in your neck of the woods. Hope to see lots of great crafty things. Love your mailbox!! thanks for sharing

Pat said...

I love the table runner you made. I am always saying I am going to get some of the sale kits, but I haven't yet. YUMMY-looking bread!!!

paulette said...

Hi Diane!!
Welcome to blogland!! It's always good to have a fellow Canadian join the quilting scene!! Your bread looks yummy...wish I could drop by for a piece!! Hope your day is a slice!!
Take care!

Shelli said...

What a blessing to have your hubby work by your side in the kitchen each week! I love that little sentiment! Nice to hear from you! Thanks for your comment!

Trish said...


I was just reading your lovely blog. Would you be willing to share your bread recipe? I love to make homemade bread.


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