Thursday, March 25, 2010

Simple Gifts


Here’s a small quilt project that was a gift to my dear online friend Roxanne in an exchange we did recently.  I used the February block of the Bunny Hill  A Tisket A Tasket 2009 BOM with a bit of floral embellishment. 

This first picture shows one of my favourite quilting tools. The Clover Hera Marker.  You run it along your ruler and it scores the fabric like I did the centre grid lines above.   The scored lines stay in the fabric and are easy to see when sewing and there is nothing to wash out when your done!  It works great on large or small projects.  You can see the lines in the photo.

For machine quilting small projects I use flat pins not safety pins.  Moving them around as needed and not sewing over them.


There machine quilting done, binding on and in the mail.


Tip of the Day:  Wipe the smuggies off your camera lens before taking a photo of something your going to send away forever.

Now I can show what the talented Roxanne made me and sent along with a sweet little container of pins.   A beautiful needle keep designed by Diana Gallagher.  It is made with the softest wool and her stitching is divine.  This is extra special because I have never worked with wool and  admire it so much.  Thank you Roxanne!


Back view.


It is wonderful to give and receive simple gifts merely for the pure pleasure of doing so.  May you open your hearts today to be blessed by the gift of giving, receiving or for the best one of all – the making of a new friend.  



Cindy said...

Oh my, what a sweet, sweet Little Quilt, Diane.

What a nice needle keeper. Appears to be made out of wool - something I'm loving more and more.

I love my Hera marker too - I use alot, alot, alot.

Sue-Anne said...

I must get one of those Hero markers. I've seen a couple of girls use them and they swear by them. Thanks for the tip with the pins for machine quilting and what a cute little needlekeeper!

Roxanne said...

Hi Again, Diane... I also wanted to tell you that the additional flowers that you added to the quilt you gave me is the perfect touch! I will treasure this little quilt and you always!

Diane H said...

As I will treasure you, dear Roxanne.

Karen said...

A lovely little quilt and I love the needle keeper.


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