Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Purple Trillium


Yesterday wee Jake and I took a walk in the woods and were thrilled to find this gorgeous purple trillium in bloom. 

For twenty five years I had the same small clump of this beautiful wildflower on our property.  Two years ago a deer chewed the clump off right down to the ground.  I was devastated. 

Nature is truly wondrous! Since that happened there are purple trilliums spreading everywhere.

Thanks deer,



Terry said...

That trillium is beautiful! I've only ever seen the white ones.

Brandie said...

How gorgeous! What a beautiful thing to find on a walk. Nature is wonderful.

Darlee Byron said...

Truly, a blessing in disguise for you!! For myself, I see these experiences do bring a huge change for the better to our life's journey.

Sue-Anne said...

Nature truly is wonderful. What a beautiful flower!


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