Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time To Stitch


I simply have to share this wonderful blog with designs by Ria  Lanser.

When I checked her site yesterday and saw the monogram cross-stitch pattern was an ‘H’ I took it as a sign that it was time to blog about “Time To Stitch”.

If cross-stitching is not your pleasure it also contains her delightful appliqué patterns.

And if you can read Dutch there’s another fantastic treat for you.   Ria has a recipe blog!  Here’s a question maybe you, my dear readers, can help me with.  There isn’t anywhere on that site to enable me to translate it, so does Ria have to install Google Translate or is there a way that a reader can do it when visiting a site?  How sad is it that DH and I kept ourselves quite amused on a Saturday night trying to figure out the Dutch ingredient lists.   Oh well, in a couple of weeks we will have been married for twenty six years so hopefully many of you can relate. 

Just in case your thinking I haven’t been taking ‘time to stitch’.  I have to tell you that, yes I have been.  Actually, I have had to reach ‘way back’ into my educational years and relearn a very specific skill and it has not been easy…


…colouring inside the lines.

Have a great week everybody,



Sue-Anne said...

Aren't the Dutch women so clever. I have been following a few dutch blogs since I started with the Klosjes and I am amazed at their work. You can bring up a Language Tools page from Google and then paste the blog address in and click the language you want. It is a bit more mucking around but makes it a lot easier to understand what they are saying.

Good luck with the colouring in! I have trouble with straight lines.

Brandie said...

Your little sleeping kitty is cute. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

julieQ said...

Thank you for the link! Such pretty stichery on your kittie block.

Roxanne said...

Diane, We have Yahoo and was able to translate to English. For some reason, not all the words are decipherable. The recipes do look wonderful, don't they?

Zlaty said...

Pretty stitchery and those baked goods look soo yummy!

Happy sewing!

Carol Mae said...

Very nice needle work, thanks for visiting my blog and following. I'm following yours also. I love your header picture with the horses and fawn, so sweet. Smiles, Carol Mae

Quilted Quickies said...

Love your blog!! Look forward to visiting often.

Terry said...

Thank you for the link! I love her applique patterns! Good for you coloring inside the lines too! :0)

Karen said...

Thanks for the link to those designs.
There are some very nice ones.

Gio said...

Hi there! =)
Do you know what happened with that blog??? I mean, the "time to stitch" website, because if I follow the link appears another blog, where there are many "cadenas" but I can't find any cross stitch pattern... =(

Thank you in advance,


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