Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Good Things…


…come to those who wait!  Back in January I won a giveaway from  Flaming Stitches .  It wasn’t mailed from Scotland until March 11th when the contents of the package were just perfect.  Then off it went on it’s world tour until it arrived safe and sound in my Canadian  mailbox yesterday on May 3rd!   Besides all the yummy goodness in the package such as the Sandi Gervais fq’s,  Irish linen tea towel,  the cutest fridge magnet jigsaw puzzle, an amazing crocheted cowl and fun pattern book there was one other very good thing that came along with the package.

Because of the ‘delay’ the sweet Ethne of Flaming Stitches and I have become friends.   How ‘good’ is that?  So, thank you my new friend for all the lovely gifts.


Wow, talk about good things!  Shelli at  http://needleinahaystackstitchery.blogspot.com/ had to wait as well to find out she just won big time!  Check out her blog, it’s fun, fresh and  – she’s going to Disneyland!  I won the pattern for this oh so pretty pillow from her last week.   Thank you as well, Shelli a well deserved win for you.


Hoping the rest of your week is filled with spring flowers and good friends,



Linda Ruthie said...

Thank you so much for stopping over at my little blog and clicking the 'follow' button. I hope to find some time to read back through your posts soon.
Those Fat Quarters are beautiful! Do you have plans for them already or are you still dreaming?

Karen said...

I think that package went around the world a few times.

Quilted Quickies said...

Holy Cow...that took some time to get. Well now that you have your gift..Happy Quilting!!

Sue-Anne said...

I think that parcel must have even come through Australia - so long to get to you! It looks like it was well worth the wait though!

Ethne said...

Diane, thanks for the lovely comments, I'm just glad that it eventually arrived safe and sound, have fun crafting. PS the tea towel is from Ulser Weavers in my home town in Northern Ireland.


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