Thursday, May 06, 2010

She Shoots….

Chez Thrift

….She Scores! What takes the pain out of a trip to the dentist?  Why a trip across the street to my happy place of course.  Chez Thrift is a treasure trove of gently used clothing and household items. It is the thrift shop tied in with our Community ReUse Center.    Two eco-friendly stores that help our local people and the environment by providing funds for programs and by keeping tonnes of perfectly good items out of the landfill.

Every Thursday in May is Mom’s Day at Chez Thrift.  Free tea/coffee and cookies with a lovely sitting area to relax and put your feet up.  The staff and volunteers there are so friendly and welcoming you feel like staying all day. 

The above photo is not from a fantastic blog giveaway win but just my purchases from today at Chez Thrift.  I dropped off my donation at the back of the store, then grabbed a cart and off I went.  I found a few yards of 100% cotton fabrics, a quilting book,  some already cross-stitched hearts, a piece of black-out blind lining and a basket perfect for holding some fat quarters.  All for the unbelievably low price of ……$4.00!!!

Man, was it ever a good day,




Cyndi said...

Wow, you scored big! I love to go to our thrift store, too. I try to go at least once a week...and the first place I hit is the fabric and linens to look for fun and interesting fabrics to make bags. You just can't go wrong with the price....and the fact that you are re-using and recycling. How cool is that?!



Terry said...

Yep! Sounds like you definitely found some goodies today! :0)

Sue-Anne said...

What a bargain, all that for $4. And the best part is your money is going to a good cause.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love that kind of deal and it doesn't come along too often - at least not often enough! Hee Hee!

Karen said...

You sure did score! Excellent! I did a search on your blog for kimono and came up empty. :(

Cindy said...

AND she scores from the outside for a three pointer!!!! Now that's a bargain. Way to go.


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