Monday, May 31, 2010

Vintage Stitching


I thought I would share with you this beautiful vintage cross-stitched piece that was passed down to me. It was done by my late aunt, sadly it is not dated. 


Aunt Edith was married to my mother’s brother.  I wish I had known her better instead of just seeing her once a year at Christmas when I was growing up.   She was the childless aunt who knitted all the nieces and nephews sweaters when we were babies.  We all still own knitted afghans that we received when we were married.    Like me, she did all kinds of crafts and handiwork.  How lovely it would be to spend some time with her now.

Copy of 100_3189

At the thrift store the other day I found this vintage set of petit points .  I love the frames as much as the stitching.

Copy of 100_3205 


On the weekend I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Tudy's Craft Cupboard,  thanks Tudy!  I’m really touched to have won gifts so beautifully handmade.

Remembering all of those serving around the world on this American Memorial Day,



Tudy said...

Love the work you just posted and your package will be sent tomorrow. I am glad you like what you won.

Barb said...

What lovely work.....

Roxanne said...

Diane, What lovely treasures. I'll bet your Aunt would have been proud of all the beautiful work you do! Keep up the great work, kiddo!

Sue-Anne said...

What a beautiful little cross stitch and how lucky to find those little frames!

Knot Garden said...

Such beautiful needlework pictures. You are right to treasure them. The cross stitch is a connection to your aunt and the petit point is such a lucky find!

Quilted Quickies said...

How sweet the deer are...beautiful work done by your Aunt. Cute photo of your pup with the deer! What a great find at the thrift shop. I agree the frames are as pretty as the stitching. Enjoy!!!


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