Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gift Knitting & Stitching


After many years of my needles sitting idle,  I dug into my old yarn stash and have enjoyed getting back into the relaxing rhythm of knitting by making these Bow Knot Scarves.  This pattern is from an old Paton’s booklet but here is a free on-line pattern.  



My mother needed a tea cozy so this  little practice piece now covers her Brown Betty and keeps her tea nice and hot!




It’s hard to tell but this ‘pile’ is made up of six Christmas placements that sat as UFO’s for far too long but are now all stitched up and ready to go.



Recently I was a lucky blogger and won a giveaway over at Lavender Ridge.    My prize consisted of a cute paper pieced snowman kit and some fabulous ‘extra’ fabric that Linda threw in.   I’m almost finished my little snowman and will show him off soon.   Linda,  thank you so much for your generosity.


Now, back to my snowman, I can’t resist him – he’s sooo cute!

Happy Sewing,



Linda said...

Hi Diane, I have a brown teapot just like that one. Its nice and large when the family visits.
I used to knit and crochet. But got into fabric instead.

Ethne said...

Morning Diane - If you don't want to get sucked into knitting again big time, don't join Ravelry or check of the online magazine Knitty - now if you do visit don't blame me when you see what's happened in the world of yarns etc. When I checked it out about 20 months ago I couldn't believe how much had changed in the 15+ years since I'd stopped knitting.

Brandie said...

You've been busy! I can't wait to see the snowman.

Carrie P. said...

The tea cozy is so cute. Congrats on your prize.

Stray Stitches said...

Busy gal! I love the placemats!!

Sunnybec said...

Wow, have you been busy or what!! Can't wait to see the snowman, I feel lazy now compared to what you have done. Those placemats are lovely. Hugs Linda

Jenni said...

Hi Diane!

The teapot cozy is cute! I am sure you made your mom very happy! :) And I love what I can see of the paper snowman kit! Congrats on your win! :)

By the way, I wanted to explain about the random generator thing...it is SO easy! My sister showed me how yesterday. Just go to Random.org and there will be a little box to the right of the screen that says "Random Generator..." and it will say "1" is your minimum number, and you put in the number of comments (you received in your giveaway post) by the word maximum. Then you click on "go" and it will give you the winning number! So if someone left the 12th comment and your number is 12, they win! :) I love this way so much~ it makes it so simple! I sure hope this helps, and that you have a beautiful day!


Jenni said...

Hi again Diane~

I just wanted to say thank you for entering the bookazine giveaway! I hope you have a great Friday! :)

Terry said...

Those snowmen look like they're going to be really cute! I can't wait to see them! :0)


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