Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Stuff

Topper 1

I finished the topper for my sister’s birthday.  Cleo really likes the black in this.


Finally getting the hang of free motion quilting AND having fun with it.


 The front.


The back.


We attended an outdoor wedding at Queenston Heights Park, Niagara Falls Canada


My sister attended a wedding in Switzerland.   How’s this for fancy sandwich presentation?


My dear niece welcomed her first child,

Abigail Hannah

Hse Fire July 13th

Tragically my neighbours house burned down. Thankfully no one was hurt due to the heroic efforts of our local fire department.  


Jake seems to be taking it all in stride this very hectic and HOT summer. The ever changing weather has done me in with migraines but I’ve seen a specialist and hopefully now have them under control.   I’m looking forward to getting some quilting done. Maybe finally starting that Christmas in July project before it is actually Christmas.

Blessings and remember “A hug is a great gift – one size fits all”,



Barb said...

Sorry about your neighbors...glad no fatalities.

Love your topper..

Peg said...

Beautiful quilt - fabulous stitching! Love those sandwiches - how many does one have to eat! So sorry about your neighbors, hope they're coping with all of this. Great dog pic!

Sounds like over all you're having a fabulous summer!

baukje said...

It's good that you are back. Hope your migraine will stay away I never had this but my Thom also has migraine so I know how terrible it can be. Your quilt is beautiful!!!

Sunnybec said...

Love the quilt!! and look at your quilting!! Fabulous. Ohhhh now you have done it, Sam has seen the picture of Jake....I now have to go out and buy him some sunglasses....
Hugs xxxxx

QuiltSue said...

I am so sorry about your neighbours - I can't begin to imagine what they must be going through, but at least there were no fatalaties.

Your quilting looks amazing, I love the quilt, and the quilting just makes it perfect.

I hope your migraines stay away now, they're horrible.

Michelle said...

Your quilting looks great! Cute tabletopper too! Sorry to hear about the home next door. :(

StitchinByTheLake said...

I had my first migraine ever last weekend - horrible thing. Abigail is a sweetie - can you borrow her for a little while? :) blessings, marlene

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Love the quilt!
Incredible sandwich presentation!
Cute little wee one!
Sad about your neighbors house. :(
Critters in sunglasses make me smile. :)
xx, shell

SewCalGal said...

Sounds like a fun summer, with the exception of your migranes and your neighbors home. Beautiful table topper.



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