Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Doll Quilts and Gifts

                                           100_5489     I can now show the two doll quilts I made recently as one was a gift and one was for me.   The pattern is from Kathleen Tracy’s website  Country Lane Quilts.   It’s a free pattern along with a few others there.  I’ve been admiring doll quilts on other blogs and can certainly see how they can become addictive .  These were fast and fun to make.  I machine quilted one and hand quilted the other.


Here is mine on display with a raggedy doll who has been waiting a very long time for a quilt of her own.


Yesterday I needed a quick gift so I made this little bag which holds a lavender sachet.  I received the one in the bottom photo from Linda and stole her idea (she said it was okay).  She also sent the French calendar which is now gracing my sewing room shelf.



And did anyone notice that Santa had to add a few more reindeer to pull his sleigh this year?  It was because of  Linda.   My amazing friend from Living The Dream  in France sent me so many beautiful gifts that the regulars, Rudolph and his gang were not enough.   As well as the calendar and sachet she sent all these goodies…..


AND made me this quilt!!!!!!


Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Linda.  We all can’t wait to see what I sent you IF IT EVER ARRIVES!!!!     Poor Linda.


Over the holidays I was lucky and won a giveaway from Vreni at her blog Oops-Lah.   It is a rolie-polie of Christmas Candy  by Riley Blake - yummy.   It’s in the mail and I can’t wait to receive it.  Thanks very much, Vreni for your kindness and  generosity.   P1000920 

My best wishes to all of you  and the Happy of New Year too!



Janet O. said...

I love your little doll quilt, Diane. Perfect for your Raggedy Ann.
You certainly have a generous Santa in your friend, Linda. Lovely gifts--and the quilt is gorgeous. My kind of colors!
Congrats on your win. Looks like fun fabric.

Sunnybec said...

Is that why mine is late? Because they were busy delivering yours?!?!? Must remember that next year....LOL It will be here any day now....surely. Hugs xx

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh your little doll quilts are just adorable!!

Cindy Adkins said...

I LOVE your creations!!! You are so extremely talented and what a fabulous win too!!!

Wonky Girl said...

So much eye candy on your blog! Love the little quilts, will have to try my hand at one some day.

Joyful Quilter said...

Wow, such nice goodies and quilt, you must have been on Santa's good list!

baukje said...

So many beautiful things to see in this post!!!! I LOVE your doll quilts and I cannot wait to start another one but first I want to finish quilts this week. And then......More doll quilts. What a lovely friend Linda is, such beautiful presents. On the first day of january I have a small giveaway on my blog , everyone who want the items will be a winner.......
have a good New year's Eve.......

Connie said...

Your little doll quilts are adorable and that is so neat that you made one to give and as a perfect accent for your Raggedy Ann doll!

Linda Ruthie said...

So many pretty, quilty things in this post! Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving my first comment of the year.
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year!

Michelle said...

Your doll quilts are are the little bags! Very cute!

Ivory Spring said...


Thanks so much for visiting me! I am SO touched you showed the Christmas smocked bishop to your grandmother. That really encouraged me to want to make more dresses this new year.... just to bless a fellow smocker ;)

Your doll quilts are adorable. I have never made one... but have been thinking about making a couple.

Linda said...

Hi stranger. Love the cute doll quilts. I'm just getting back to quilting. I hope to have some quilts to share soon.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I have always wanted to make mini quilts so thank you for the link. Yours are adorable! I am here to follow now that my life is more calm :)

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hello sweet Diane!

Happy new year to you too sweetie! What sweet creations - just love your mini quilts and raggedy Annie! Gorgeous pressies from the lovely Linda, too!

Here's to a fun and creative year ahead! (raises glass!)
Vikki xoxoxo

MiaPiquet said...

Those are great, I love them all! I really admire your creativity. Thanks for sharing it.

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