Thursday, February 03, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Having a birthday at the end of January can be a mixed blessing.  It always happens in the dead of winter but it’s lovely to have a special day between Christmas 100_4008and Valentines Day to break things up.  I’ll spare you pictures of yesterdays blizzard and instead show the handmade card I received from my BFF, Linda.  A true gift in itself!  And if that wasn’t enough - 100_4026

I had mentioned wanting to make a table topper for my coffee table so she made me this!  The colours are perfect for my living room and I love it!

True blessings, beautiful gifts and an amazing friendship.


‘Best Buddies’ is finished.  My sweet cat and dog are now on display forValentines. 


Hoping this finds you all safe and not too sore from shovelling,



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