Wednesday, January 25, 2012

….and cast off.

Scarf 1

I’ve finished my first knitting project for the year.    A plain K2 P2 scarf in a couple of skeins of  Lion Brand Suede.     It’s very soft and cuddly but I haven’t worn it yet as this weird winter has been too warm.    In fact,  DH was out ‘shovelling’ water off the front patch of grass in the rain this week because when it freezes over  the dogs need skates on to go out.



It has taken a village in the past year to help me combat migraines.   I tried acupuncture  with the sweetest Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Macy.    She worked so very hard to help me.  I made her this fabric basket as a small gift of appreciation.  The tutorial can be found here .  I made the sides higher than in the pattern and they were kind of  “droopy”.   Next time  I will use a stabilizer to stiffen them up.

Long Fabric Bskt


Today is baking day.  Bread done and my favourite coffee cake now baking.  I will share that recipe with you  soon. 




Can you help out a fellow blogger?  Have you ever found this in a Moda charm pack?   Or other Moda  pre-cuts smaller than they are supposed to be?     Linda at Living The Dream would like to know.     Please pop over and have a read of her blog  posts in regards to this issue.


That’s it for today,  my friends.  I better get in the kitchen and get a picture of that coffee cake before it starts to disappear.     I’ll put the kettle on if you’d like to try a piece.



Sunnybec said...

One sugar in my coffee please and an extra large piece of cake. Thanks for the link. xx

Janet O. said...

I haven't knit since I was about 11 or 12, but I do remember what K2, P2 means--I just couldn't remember how to do it!
Sorry you deal with severe migraines. They are bad news.
Oh, I can smell the bread. And I actually should be making it, too. Since my sons moved back home I can't get used to making it again as fast as they go through it.
I've never used a charm pack--my first ones are still in their wrappers--I'll have to check it out.

Brandie said...

I'll be there, save me a bit! Yummy
So how are the headaches? Better?
Take care

Jan said...

Love the scarf, and I'm sure Macy will love the basket.

I feel for you regarding the headaches. I had daily migraines for years. I finally found a treatment that worked, and while I'm not migraine-free, I don't get them very often and can take a Frova to abort it. Email me if you want to know the treatment.

Cyndi said...

Hi Diane! Oh my, that scarf is absolutely gorgeous. That yarn you used looks so scrumptious...I can tell how soft it is just by looking at it on my computer screen!

I sure can empathize with you and your migraines...I suffer from them, too! The basket you made for your doctor is so sweet! I'm sure she loved it!

And oh my....that bread looks soooo good! And coffee cake, too? I'd tell you to keep that kettle warm, but by the time I got there I am sure all the cake would be gone! LOL! The recipe would be great, though! :o)

Have a great evening!



Barb said...

Hope your migraines go away....I get them too and it is no fun... Enjoyed your projects...that yarn on your first project is just fabulous.

Peg said...

What a lovely color for that scarf! And the basket is great - when I've made fabric baskets, I've put plastic canvas in to keep it stable. Hope the docs can help you with your migraines. Can almost taste that bread!

Joyful Quilter said...

Your scarf looks soft and warm, love the color! Thanks for the link to fabric baskets, they are cute.

Thank you very much for the invite, I'll just take a thick slice of bread, toasted with butter. Mmmmm I can smell it from here.

Karen said...

Beautiful scarf! It looks like you will have to wait until next winter to wear it. The bread looks so yummy and what a wonderful basket for Macy.

Angela said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love the scarf- haven't seen that yarn here in the UK, it looks great. I am in admiration of your fabulous quilting projects.

weekend blessings x

Diane H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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