Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frogs? Yes, Frogs!

Yesterday in my inbox there was a blog post from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop in Toronto.   Great brick and mortar store as well as online shopping everyone.

100_1421 Anyway, the post was a fantastic Fat Quarter Froggy Tutorial.   Well, see this little fella?



And these?

Three Frogs to Harke girls

I made all of them and many others way back in the ‘90’s!  As a matter of fact the little girls I made these for have grown up, married and are having children of their own.    With a whole new bunch of kids around looks like I’ll be buying lots of dried beans!  

So hop on over and check out the fun tutorial and make some new friends of your own!

Happy Leap Day Everybody!



Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog Jackets

Jake wasn’t too happy recently when I told him his perfectly ‘broken in’ jean jacket was getting a little snug.  


The last jacket I made for Ruby for her first winter with us I posted about here.




When I looked in my stash of polar fleece this time all I could find big enough was hot pink.  Jake said “NO WAY!”  So it was another new jacket for Ruby and a ‘hand-me-down”  for Jake.  Thank goodness he was okay with the colours.


I used the same pattern and method as I did here.  Though I made the back longer to cover more of Ruby and added some decorative ‘snowflake’ stitching to pretty it up.


They both seemed pleased with their new jackets and were even more pleased to sit nice for a treat.


  Jake, Ruby and I thank you for stopping by and wish you all a happy and safe weekend.



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